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unleashing the power of art 

Lisa Adams-Lloyd is a writer, photographer + artist. Coming from a long line of matriarchs, freethinkers, and creators, the power of art and the written word were unleashed in her at an early age. She hasn't looked back.


Her love of creativity was tempered early on. Lisa fondly remembers her kindergarten teacher encouraging her to produce work the same as her peers. When Lisa's mother heard word, she championed her daughter's need to color outside the lines. Bolstered and liberated by her mother's allegiance and forever-freed from the banality of convention, she has been creating outside the lines and thinking outside the box ever since.


You will also find her grandfather's influence in much of her long-form writing. Inspired by his passion for conservation and preservation, Lisa considers her novels songs of love-and-alarm for Earth and all living things. She is on a quest to share her found sanctuary-and-shelter in the great outdoors!

And as an advocate for pivoting the human footprint with mindful behaviors and responsible choices, she hopes her words will inspire and be a lasting legacy for her readers. 

Lisa studied writing at several universities and holds multiple degrees including Clinical & Counseling Psychology and Education from the UMC and Western University-Michigan. She plays an active 

leadership role in several writing guilds and is a member of the Academy of American Poets, Women's Fiction Writers Association, and the Professional Photographers Association.


Currently, she is also leading HAIKU "parties" partially funded by the Mo Arts Council and the Mo Haiku Project with hope of encouraging school-aged children the value and power of words.

Lisa Adams-Lloyd has several goals as a writer. As an artist, form + function play pivotal roles in the story telling process. But above all, she hopes to rouse the minds, stir the souls, and lift the hearts of her readers.

Widely-known for her stunning, and at times provocative photography, Lisa explores surrender, connection, and the journey of her samsara soul from behind the lens and through her love of language, poetry,+ fine art.

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