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Lisa lives in Columbia, Missouri, and is the proud mother of two

amazing & thoroughly loved kids, who are her light and inspiration.

Married to an internationally recognized photographer & filmmaker, Dale H Lloyd.

She is also mom to three gorgeous beasts,

Brambly Dear, Brinleigh Bear, and Brextley Bea.

St. Bernard, Golden Retriever & German Shepherd, for the curious. 

My Story

Inspired by her grandfather's passion for conservation & preservation, award-winning writer, Lisa Adams-Lloyd considers her

stories songs of love and alarm for the Earth & all living things. She is on a quest to share her found sanctuary & shelter in the outdoors.

An advocate for pivoting the human footprint with mindful behaviors & responsible choices, she hopes her words will be a

a lasting legacy for her readers.  

With a professional background in Clinical & Counseling Psychology and Education, Lisa is active in several writing groups and serves

as Vice-President Elect of the CCM Writing Guild. 

Ms. Adams-Lloyd is known as the old guard Flower Whisperer for her gallery, award-winning fine art photography. Her work with the

camera has been compared to Mapplethorpe and brightens many commercial settings. 

Lisa comes from a long line of book dealers whose family brick-and-mortar bookstore stands ready to meet any bibliophile's needs

for rare and obscure books since 1926. When she is not writing or buying books, her thoughts are filled with hazy dreams of becoming

a sheepherder some day. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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